How Do You Figure Square Footage?

There are certain things in life we never think of learning until we need them; whether it’s learning how to paint wood, mend a broken fence, or take measurements of the house, nobody tells you how they are done, and you never consider them important until they become useful. That is why today we are going to learn how to measure the square footage of a space, be it indoors and outdoors. Being able to complete this task can be very useful when you’re planning a garden redecoration, a home improvement, or when you and to buy or sell a property. If you work in real estate, knowing how to figure square footage is essential, because it allows you to provide customers with accurate information.

So how do you figure square footage? First of all, if you’re dealing with a simple space, such as a square or any other four-sided shape, the calculations will be pretty easy to make. So if you’re measuring a square, you just measure one side and multiply it by itself: that is the square footage of your space. If the land is rectangular, then you need to measure the length and the width of a space and multiply them; thus, for a space with 10 ft. in length and 5 ft. in width, the square footage is 50 square feet. All this is pretty clear and straightforward, but what happens what the area you need to measure has various shapes and more than four sides? What if it is round-shaped?

With an area that has more than four sides, the solution is to divide it into various squares and rectangles, so that you get a few four-sided areas which are easily measured. Then, you calculate the square footage on each of them, and finally, add them up to measure the entire square footage of the area you’re interested in. But how do you figure square footage on something even more complex, like a house that also has several annexes, like a garage or tool shed? One solution is to just measure the outside lines of your home, determining the square footage of the annexes, and subtract them from the overall space. This will give you at least an estimate on how much space you own.

Measuring square footage for a circle or half a circle will be a bit more complicated, because you have to calculate the diameter, then the radius, and apply an equation to find a real answer. Some of you may also be wondering how do you figure square footage for a space that is almost rectangular but is missing out a small space. The answer is simple here: you just measure the square footage as if the space was indeed rectangular, then you measure the sq.ft. of the missing space, and finally subtract it from the overall footage. We hope these calculations will be useful in all your home endeavors, whether you’re remodeling your garden, or planning on selling your home.