How to Create a Comfortable Living Room on Your Back Porch

If you are lucky enough to have a back porch, you should make sure you take full advantage of it. The porch is the perfect place to create a relaxation or outdoor dining area because it is very close to your house and you also have a roof over your head which will protect you from rain and other weather conditions. Even though dining in the actual garden is nice as well, if you live in an area where it often starts to rain without any warning signs, the porch is a much better place to create a semi-outdoor living room. This way you can dedicate the entire garden to growing flowers or offer your children a larger space to play. This is how to create a beautiful living and dining room on your porch.

Get the right furniture

Obviously, a table and a few chairs are a must. However, if space allows you, you could also add either a small swing or a few rocking chairs, as they will make the entire place more comfortable. What could be better than staying on your porch in a rocking chair and watching the kids play or reading a good book? The furniture makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a comfortable space. While you might not be able to decorate a front porch as much as you wanted because you would not get too much privacy, the front porch is the perfect place to put all your creative ideas into practice.

Don’t forget about small decorative items

Even though the garden will offer the perfect view, you can also add a few details to make the place more to your taste. You could place a few objects on the walls or maybe a chick cupboard on one side. The possibilities are diverse and you will find all the inspiration you need when visiting the right furniture stores. You can either choose to integrate that space with the décor inside the house or make it as a part of your garden, by addition some flower pots on the edges.

Consider skylights if possible

If you are willing to do a little remodeling, skylights are a wonderful way to add some extra light on the porch during those cloudy days. In addition, they will look great every time you look up and adding them to the existing roof should not be very difficult if you choose a skilled team of roofers.

Paint the ceiling

If skylights are too hard to add to the existing construction, a simple solution to add more light to the place, as well as more charm and personality, is to paint the ceiling. You can go for a pastel blue shade that will mimic the sky or even for white if you want to brighten the place as much as possible and enjoy every moment spent on that porch.