How to Design a Flower Garden

There are many things that can be said, when it comes to learning how to design a flower garden. However, you should know that this task is not that hard, especially if you use your imagination and creativity. Every one of us is different and endowed with a different personality, which is why we have different tastes even when it comes to setting up a flower garden. But, if you seek for information that can be inspirational, stick close and read on, as we are going to teach you a few important things about how to design a flower garden.

From the very beginning, you should think whether you want a formal or informal garden designed in your back or front yard. It is very important to decide what type of garden you would like more to have around, as from here you can follow various tips in designing the flower garden you dream of. The second step is to select among the huge variety of flowers, whose seeds or transplants you can purchase directly from your local nursery and seed store. Basically, you have two options, which refer to annual and perennial flowers. Most gardeners prefer perennials, because they are long-lived flowers, unlike summer or winter annuals which complete their growing cycle in only one season. But, if you want to have flowers in your garden even in winter, you can select among various annuals that can offer you their blooms in periods of the year, when most perennials are dormant flowers.

Another aspect you should consider, when learning how to design a flower garden, is that flowers grow in different sizes and it is very important to take into account from where you want to admire their beautiful blooms. If you want to see them from your porch or terrace, you should plant the flowers that grow shorter in front, so that you can see them through your window, and the taller ones right behind them. On the other hand, if you want your flowers to create an arranged layout that people passing your street can see its every single flower, you can plant the taller flowers in the back of your yard and the smaller ones in front. Both annuals and perennials require special attention, when planting and growing them. For instance, there are flowers that grow well in places with direct sun light, whilst others bloom only in the shade. The soil and drainage system are very important as well in ensuring optimum conditions for your flower to grow and mature.