How to Grow Vegetables in Flower Pots

If you do not like to work in the garden, making rows for vegetables, the best alternative is to grow them in flower pots. First thing you have to do is pick vegetables which are appropriate for flower pots.

You must have in mind what space the vegetable chosen by you will need because you must pick the ones which will have room to grow and thrive. Usually for big pots people choose tomatoes or eggplants and for the smaller ones herbs or lettuce.

After you have chosen the vegetable and the proper pot find a location where the environment is proper for your choice. Check for their preferences online or read the label on the back of the seed container. Planting seeds in pots is not different that planting outdoors when it comes to the right period. You should plant your seeds the same way you would if you were to plant them outside, in your vegetable garden.

Make a mixture of three parts of garden soil with one part of pea moss and put it in the pot. This mix will provide the moist and the nutrition the vegetable is going to need.

Poke a hole of 1/8 inch into the soil and place the vegetable seed. After you have placed the seed in the hole cover it up with soil, water it and make sure the soil is moist until the seeds start to germinate. To make sure you place them deep enough into the ground check the package.

Once the seeds have started to germinate you must make sure they will not die and that they have enough nutrients. Water them once a day and provide them a mixture of plain water and fertilizer once a week.

Transfer the plants that have outgrown the pot they have been planted into a bigger one.


If you place the vegetable pots at the window make sure you turn them during the day so that the whole surface of the plant receives proper sunlight.

The majority of vegetables need up to eight hours of sun per day so be careful where you place them, find a spot where the sun is present almost the whole day.

If you donĀ“t want your pot of vegetable to fall because of the weight of the plant make sure you place them in pots that are heavy enough to support them.