Landscape Stone Ideas

Since stones can be found anywhere you go, using them in a yard or in a park makes that place look more lavishing, closer to reality. They have practical use as well: making walls out of them or markers. Simply place some stones into your yard arrangement and you will notice the difference.

Walls made out of stone create the country look at the same time they create private areas. You should encourage moss to grow on the walls or just plant yourself flowers which will climb the wall. You will end up with a beautiful wall and at the same time which a small garden hanging on the wall.

They add a beautiful touch to a garden, just make a rock frame to a bed of flowers or create a rock garden by using rock with different shapes and sizes. They will help you achieve that informal look. Another good idea is placing in your garden stone statues; they are very elegant and beautiful to look at. In the past people used this king of statues to decorate the royal gardens.

Walkways made out of stone are so much interesting than the concrete ones. Not only they are beautiful but they are also practical. You can make an elegant walkway using cobbled because they are hard to notice.

Steps made out of stones can be a pleasure to walk on, up on a hill or slope. Since not all areas have the same height you must level the ground, make it even for each step, after which you can place the stones in the soil. You can make your stairs as narrow or as wide as you like but you have to take into consideration what people will go up those stairs. For a proper look of your garden you should use small steps for wild gardens and large steps if you have a formal one.

If you have paths which at one point branch into different directions you should use those piles of stone which are called caims. A caim is a market consisting of a pile of stones. You can also place them in front of you home, to the entrance, to greet your guests.

Where ever you may choose to use stones you should keep in mind that they are one of the elements which give your garden that natural look, the look you actually want to achieve.