Raised Garden Beds for Your Garden

What are these so-called raised garden beds? Maybe if we look into what they are used for and how they are used we will get a better idea of how modern gardening works. So let’s assume we have these space in our yard that is paved with concrete and we still want a small garden to have some flowers or some tomatoes what we will need to plant them is obvious seeds and soil we can’t really grow something out of nothing and we definitely can’t grow any plants out of concrete so since breaking the concrete is a painful job and not too rewarding from a budget point of view (one day you have to move and not only you will have to get rid of the garden but also you’ll have to reconstruct the concrete you broke to make the garden) what we will do is create a space where we can plant our seeds without demolishing anything.

The ingredients we will need to use to accomplish our gardening project are some soil preferably new soil (we don’t want any old roots/seeds in it or worst some unwanted pests), then we will need something to hold our soil into place, we can use wood, metal, plastic or river rocks then we will need an irrigation system and a draining system.

The first think we need to decide upon is where to set it all up. If you’re building on concrete try to choose a spot that will allow the exes water from your raised bed garden to properly drain into a sewer (not to close we don’t want our garden to be flooded with the first rain); after we decided the location we now have to think about our projects dimensions depending on which we will then cut/assemble our wood planks/logs or stones; while we do these we will have to remember to cut holes for our irrigation system if we decide o implement one that requires the water to spring from close to the earth; not to neglect is also the height of our construction should measure 1 to 3 feet high since we build directly on concrete if we were to make our project on semi-usable soil we could’ve had a less taller construction for example a 8 inches height. Now that we have our square, triangle, diamond, or whatever shape you desire your garden to be into place we can start installing the irrigation system and filling in the soil (don’t forget, compacted soil reduce soil yields by up to 50% ) after which all you have to do is place your chosen seed in the soil. Start the irrigation system and after a while harvest the fruits of your work.