Rustic Garden Design Ideas

If you like gardens then unmistakable rustic charm will help you make yourself such a garden. Characterized by more color and diversity it is actually a combination of perennials, bushes and plants with bulbs. Compared to a front garden that requires more formal symmetry and attention, the informal English garden offers more freedom in choosing the shape of the plants or flower beds. There are very common flowers like roses, daisies, peony and generally plants that grow without much care from the owner.

The transition between building a regular garden that is achieved by planting bushes close to the house foundations and a wooden pergola full of white flowers on the loan to make a more interesting and spectacular entry and creating a more rustic garden can be realized by adding equally beautiful metal fences and hang on them various plants. If space is small you can give access to the alley by opting for a rather large hydrangea. For such a garden you will however need at least 6 hours of full sun.

First of all start with a small piece of land, English gardens are not too tough to maintain but rather nice and easy to maintain. If you have to take your time to gradually expand you can do without problems. The second step is to improve soil quality, so use organic fertilizers such as composites. Do not forget to wet it thoroughly to protect the roots and to pull away all the weeds that appear. To choose the simplest version of watering you should follow the approach of automatic irrigation, so less water will evaporate into the air and the plants will receive an equal amount of moisture without breaking the flowers or leaves stains.

Positioning is also very important plant. Native plants are preferred because they accommodate faster and better. Try to maintain a minimum level of organization. Choose plants you like in particular, but also try to include those that bloom most.

Experts suggest you choose flower bulbs for spring like the purple of the Echinacea’s, blue wild flowers, that baptisia australis, hemerocallis, Russian sage. Opt for plants like marigold rapidly growing next year from seeds that fall to earth. Also marigolds bloom all summer and fall and their yellow color is very optimistic.

Interesting foliage plants like Aliceville mollis, Festuca ovina glauca can enhance your garden rusticity. Avoid planting rose’s since they are too demanding, pay attention to the resistance to disease of the plants you plan to use.

If you leave large stones in the garden they, will lay a great wild look over the garden and will offer an attractive support for plants. For some arrangements you can use pieces of the landmark white wooden fence to limit the scramble of flowers.

You can add some nice accessories like gardening baskets or trolleys. If your garden is not yet stuffed with too many objects that may create a storage effect. You can also create small paths through the garden. Paths can be of brick, gravel or wood. And the grass paths are nice, but require periodic mowing or trimming.