Say I DO to an Outdoor Wedding

If you answered “Yes’ to his question, then you can say “Yes” to an outdoor wedding, and organise it in your own backyard. You will look like a princess surrounded by all the flowers from your garden, and the smell of the roses will create the perfect tale atmosphere. The amazing thing in having your wedding in your garden is that you can decorate it exactly how you want, and you are the one that buys decorations. If you take your time and decide to decorate the garden as the wedding reception, then you should consider the following tips.

Place a tent

Yes, it might be summer, and you might love to see the moon while holding hands under the table with your groom, but you should take into consideration that a little rain might come, and you do not want to stop the party. So, install a tent, and place the tables and dance floor under it. You can style it, by adding drapes, and white ribbons. Use bright colours if you want to add a pop of colour, and place some small bows made from ribbon in the same colour as your wedding bouquet.

Customise the chairs

You should customise the chairs with little coloured bows, or hang rows of ribbon from everyone and let it loose. You can choose gold ribbon for the ladies’ chairs and blues for the gentlemen’s ones. Another option is to place pillows on every chair and make them look more glamorous. Take care to customise yours and your groom’s chairs, and write on their back “Bride” and “Groom”. Also, if you decide to have the wedding ceremony in your garden, you should hand jars with flowers on the chairs’ sides to create the effect of an aisle.

 Customise it all

When you organise the wedding reception or ceremony in your garden, you have to design an arch, where you will sit during the ceremony. You can create it from tree branches and decorate it with flowers and sashes. You can use coloured sashes if you want to add a pop of colour or you can hang little hearts and crystals, and let them fall from the top of the arch if you want to create a more romantic look. For the reception, you should design centrepieces, and you can use jars with flowers and tie them with ribbon bows. Enjoy your backyard wedding.