Urban Garden Ideas

It is truly a wonderful thing to have a garden where you can relax and go back to nature in the midst of city life. Those who have the space and possibilities should consider creating a garden in their yards with the help of the urban garden ideas we are going to present in what follows. You don’t need to worry about not having enough space because there are lots of tricks you can use in order to maximize space and make the most of it. For example, the driveways can be made even better looking by planting flowers on both sides. You can also finally put all those gardening gifts ideas to use and start creating your dream garden. It is needless to mention that you can always use things that you have around in your house to create a beautiful décor in the yard, besides plating flowers. A simple brick wall can become a vertical garden if you plant climbing plants at its base, or if you hang potted plants all over its surface. Such space can be an ideal decor for a relaxation area, a barbecue spot or an outdoor kitchen.

The great thing about urban garden ideas is that they can be inspired from your surroundings, from the shape of the driveways and from the elements that are found in that space. Thus, you can use all sorts of crates, boxes or tin cans as pots for the flowers. Hang them on the walls as mentioned before, or arrange them in interesting combinations on the ground. Any object which you don’t use anymore and which can hold the plants can be used as a pot: old drawers, suitcases, boxes, even construction pallets.

The whole concept of urban gardens is that you do the best you can to bring some nature in your concrete and brick landscape. Thus, most urban garden ideas steer gardeners towards achieving wild and savage combinations; you don’t have to worry about equilibrium and symmetry, only about using your space at maximum potential. One amazing garden idea is to use stacked raised beds made from timber, sort of like seats at a stadium. That way when you look towards it, it will look like a floating garden with all the green and happy colors.

An urban garden doesn’t have to have only flowers because you can grow herbs, spices, and even vegetables and fruits there. Therefore if you chose an outdoor kitchen you will not only have the perfect natural kitchen decorating ideas but you will also have fresh ingredients withing your reach. The stacked bed is a good option for such an endeavor. Other wonderful urban garden ideas that we found implied using shoe organizers or wooly pockets as pots. They can hang on a wall or fence and are great environments for small plants, whether they’re flowers or kitchen spices. Hanging planters are also elements which you can include, and they’re not that difficult to make; you can even hang the plants upside down, most of them won’t be affected by it and grow normally.