Water Filter Systems for Home and Garden

Public water systems have to abide by certain requirements in order to deliver clean water. However, while our tap water is relatively safe for washing and cooking, it is far from being potable. The chemicals and contaminants contained by tap water can affect your health, can damage your appliances and can even harm your garden. For example, if you are growing an organic garden, you need to make sure that your vegetables will be 100% chemical free so you should also remove the chemicals from the hose water. Today we are going to talk about the best water system solutions for home and garden.

Water filter system for home

Faucet filters are probably the cheapest way of purifying your tap water. However, these filters are not very durable and they require regular maintenance. Furthermore, they only purify the water coming from the faucet where they are attached, whereas the rest of the house’s water remains unfiltered. The best solution for this problem is a whole house water filtration system. A water filter system for home is connected to the water line which enters your house and it filters all your indoor water sources such as showers, faucets, toilets and so on.

If you are interested in buying a home water filter, be it a whole house filter, under the sink, faucet or counter top, we advise you to first read some reviews. These filters can come with various features and unless you want to spend numerous hours, staring at specification lists in bemusement, find a good water filter reviews website.

Water filters for garden

Garden water filters are usually used by people who are growing organic vegetables or by people who live in areas with excessively hard water which damages the plants. Unfortunately, a water filter system for home cannot be used on outdoor water sources. In order to do this, it would have to be connected to the water line before the underground split which separates your water line into an indoor water line and an outdoor water line. While this solution is realizable, it is highly expensive and not worth the effort. A simpler and cheaper alternative would be to connect your garden hoses to the whole house water filtration system. If this also sounds like too much trouble, you can also buy a special garden hose water filter.

In today’s advanced society, potable water should be a commodity and not a luxury. However, this is rarely the case. Nevertheless, there are numerous solutions which can help you filter your tap water. When considering various water filters, make sure to pick the ones which only filter the bad contaminants and not the minerals as they are beneficial for both you and your garden.